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Ignite your team, company, or cause with PYRO'S fundraiser nights. Here is how the PYRO’S Gives Back program works -  We partner with you to invite as many of your organization's friends and families to the PYRO’S Give Back Event.  We like to schedule them for a period of 3-4 hours.  This usually helps to generate more excitement as people will see other members of their organization so it is not only a fundraiser, but a party too!  All guests, whether dine-in or take-out, can participate.  They simply need to deposit their receipt in the box next to the register to get tracked as part of the program.  At the end of the event we will add up all of the receipts and PYRO’S will give 20% back to the organization. 

If you have different sub-groups within your organization, one great way to drive people to the event is have the groups compete against each other. We will provide a small prize for the sub -group that generates the most dollars for the organization.  (As an example, we could give all the students of the wining homeroom a free dessert.) A little friendly competition has the tendency to increase the participation and help drive more attendees to the event, and therefore more donations for the organization.

Please compete the form below and select a Monday or Wednesday that works for your organization. We will review your request, and if approved,  we will work with you to create materials to make your PYRO’S Give Back Party a huge success!

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Your #firefresh creation will be placed in the oven when you arrive at the Hydration Station to make sure it is hot and awesome!

Because who doesn’t like awesome pizza?!

Grab a coffee or some bites – maybe even a beer – and your custom pizza will be out before you know it!

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